Can anyone can help me to upload files to django with api?


Hello i need a little bit help to upload files to django server


Then let us know, what problems or questions do you have :wink:


i dont know how it works, do i need to transfer the image , i want it to post with api post request , my post http post request is working with sending some data like name and last name but i cant send picture,somehow i need to connect my django with camera? i dont have any possible solution, so thats why i thought here is the best place to ask how i can do it.


I would create an extra endpoint for uploading an image.

If you want to upload a picture to a server i would use the cordova-file-transfer plugin.

There you can upload / download files very easy.
The other possibility would be to upload your file as base64. But i think nobody wants to do this :smiley: