Can an App use CORS?

Just curious about if an App can use an Api with CORS enabled. I guess not and that only webs can do it but who knows, maybe I’m wrong.

Sure they can! I use a WCF to provide data to my app all the time.

WCF? Windows Communication Foundation? How does that solve the CORS problem?

WCF itself does not address the CORS issue. However, I did solve the problem by adjusting the headers within iIS and by adding OPTIONS as an additional verb.

I bet the problem is related to what I have learned is called preflight.

Do you control the API?

Yes, I control the API but it’s not a problem I have, I know how to disable CORS in server side.

I’m just curious if an App can use an API with CORS enabled since I’ve read it has better security.

Maybe I am wrong but I believe that CORS is enabled after you make adjustments to the server to account for preflight, etc.