Camera detect things



is there any plugin or tutorial, where can i create camera mask and if there is some text/code it detects and automatically takes picture and callback some functions.

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I could be wrong, but this sounds like the job for a native app that can talk to some lower level API’s…


Okei, the question was that could i use it with cordova plugins or i need to consider to native app? But in this moment i think it is the native app thing.


You can make it. Even i am stuck in a similar kind of work so i am creating a custom scanner. I will publish the plugin but it will take me a little time for the plugin. If you want a quick solution then try out camScan and other app scanner’s they have cordova plugin’s but you will have to pay them a subscription fee.


Oh great :slight_smile: I am waiting forward from the custom scanner plugin form you. Could i ask wen will you publish it?


it will take me a month for the complete bridging and testing. But if your in a hurry try out the camScanner website they provide you with a web api. I was using that only for a month after they asked me to evaluate as to what i was scanning and give them that data also.
Just do a normal search in play store or app store and contact the developer’s they will either give it to you for free or charge you a normal fee. But do first try it out only then go ahead with.