Calling application - is it possible to do?

Is it possible to create an application which would be able to create and receive calls?
The app should behave in just the same manner as the default Android’s or iOS’s built-in calling application would.

  • I’m using sip.js for call signaling and audio transport.
  • I already found a way to play the call audio through the front speaker (earpiece) instead of main speaker - using AudioToggle cordova plugin. Though I’m not able to control volume level yet.
  • I also probably figured out how to play ring tone when the phone is asleep.

The main problem is I can’t find any tools or plugins to bring the app to foreground when there is an incoming call or possibly waking up (unlocking?) the display when it is asleep - in order to show up the “answer” button.

Is there any way to achieve this behavior? Thanks for your time, guys.