Callback when file is done playing not working!


The callback methot when a file is done playing not working

playAvecIonNative() {
    this.nativeAudio.preloadComplex('id', 'assets/audio/mw1.ogg', 1, 1, 0)
      .then(this.onSuccessPreloading, this.onErrorPreload);

  onSuccessPreloading = (data) => {'id']).then(this.onSuccessPlaying, this.onErrorPlay);

  onSuccessPlaying = (a) => {
alert('Done Playing !');

When i trigger the playAvecIonNative() method to preload and play the audio , the audio file is playing but at the same time the lart method is showing the result.

I have tested in many ways but i’ve got the same results.

It seems to be an issue with the plugin.

Let me know asap !

The Proble is with the plugin

see this post