Callback function on a $scope.broadcast?

So I am trying to use a callback function and it is working everywhere else in my code for example.

//calling a function $scope.someFunction(function(){ console.log('this will output second'); }) //function definition $scope.someFunction = function(retFunct){ console.log('this will output first'); retFunct(); };

This code works everywhere I use it. Except I have a function inside a directive so I am using the command.
This will run my function like normal, but if I try to do a callback function on that event, and put the exact some logic in the function as I did in $scope.someFunction I get the error retFunct is not a function.
$scope.$broadcast('myFunction', function(){ console.log('this will output second"); };

So my questions are 1, is there a better way to call a function inside of a directive besides $scope.$braodcast? 2, if not is there a way to make a callback function work inside of $scope.$broadcast.