Calendar Native works weird for me

Hello :slight_smile:
I’m using calendar plugin(cordova-plugin-calendar version : 5.12)
I think it works weird.

I logged msg.forEach’s callback item.
item should be an event object which load all the events data of calendar event.
I think it should contain title, location, notes, message, startDate, endDate
but logs says it contain information of below picture (it even dosen’t have information of notes that I input !!!)
and as below picture says, dtstart date is weird. if I convert, it says Friday, 18 December 2398
(even though it is 16 of September .

code is as below.

loadEventThisMonth() {
    this.eventList = new Array();
    var startDate = new Date(,, 1);
    var endDate = new Date(,, 0);
    console.log(startDate+"and : "+endDate);
    this.calendar.listEventsInRange(startDate, endDate).then(
      (msg) => {
        console.log("home msg:");
        msg.forEach(item => {
          console.log(item);   //

      (err) => {