Calendar in Thai Format


I have a requirement where the app is in Thai language. I need to show calendar (date) keyboard (as per OS - android and iphone) in Thai format (date, month, year). Once the date is picked, it needs to be shown in dd MMM yy format in the textbox - the locale on the device is English but the app is in Thai - is this possible.

Are you using a date plugin or a default date input field?

By default, The HTML5 date input specification states that full-date format is equal to yyyy-mm-dd.

Thankfully modern browsers and webviews are unrestricted in how they present a date input and will show a date picker using the user’s local calendar format.

I am open to using a plugin or even date default input field. I need to be able to display it in dd MMM yy format in Thai (and use a Thai Calendar). Any advise is really helpful.