Calendar for scheduling app


Wonder if I can get some ideas/tips from talented developer in here on how to code a google like calendar for a scheduling app. I need to create, move, edit, delete appointments and add bunch of custom rules and features to the calendar (specific industry, they can’t use google calendar for it). My roadblock is not knowing how to create draggable elements… Any thoughts ppl?


You may want to give this component a look. I know somebody has used it in Ionic apps before, because I remember answering some questions about it.

If that’s all you need, I’ve had decent luck with dragula.


Nice! Thank you. I’ve look at Dragula before, good to know it’s decent. Never saw angular-calendar, but it looks good. Will do more research on it. Thank you


Because of the issues with the limited date functions available in Ionic, I read many posts with people advising to use an external lib too,

Also, you might wanna have a look at this thread, which helped me a lot with date issues.