Cache Issues When we install a new APK

Hello, I’m in the process of building an android App using ionic. The app has a dynamo database and MySQL database.
The issue I have, is that when I install a new APK and use the app for the first time, the app works fine. However, when I close the app and I open that app again, we get a previous version of the app that is cached. If we manually clear the app cache and data, the app starts working fine. But then when we close the app and reopen it again the issue of cache resurfaces.
Anyone has encountered this issue and found a fix for it?

Did you see this?

Thanks so much for your reply.
But our issue is a little different. We are pretty sure that the code has no bugs. So, we are now checking if the local environment where the APK gets compiled corrupts the APK by caching an older version of the app in the new APK.

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Hey did you find any solution ? I’m facing same problem on one of my testing phone.

Are you using ionic pro?

Before creating the APK release:

1- increase the version in config.xml
2- ionic platform remove android
3- ionic platform add android
4- build APK