Buttons, styling missing on Android Ionic3

Hi, I’m having and issue whereby the styling on my products page differs on some devices.

The add to cart and grid border colors disappears on certain android devices. Certain users can’t add items to their basket since the button is missing. Galaxy J7 (J7elte), Huawei P8, Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime device.

It works fine on my galaxy J5, but the button would be missing on the J7… I do not have one of these devices to debug per se and also unable to figure out what might be the cause of this.

The initial app worked on the android@6.3 platform until a mistaken android@0.8 downgrade. I created a new ionic installation, carried everything over, ran android@8.0 platform and the issue still persists.

It is not the styling or the android platform version, I assume the issue lies with one of the pluging that was either updated or downgraded.

Use ionic grid view or set css by the device resolution