Button top left in header - bug on active

Since many months i noticed that all buttons in the top left header do not become active on click. (The active css style do not activate) Any button or it’s mostly the back button do not change style on click. It’s happen on any project i did.

For exemple if you click the top button to show or hide the delete option here: http://codepen.io/ionic/pen/JsHjf
if you click this button at left past the middle the active css on click will not activate, if you click this button on right past the middle the active style will work.
I don’t know if i’m clear but clicking the button on half left will not trigger the active style.

I took quick look, and you’re right. I have the exact same problem in my project as well. After a bit of tracking, I managed to track it down to this commit:

Namely this part of the code:

var hitX = ionic.tap.pointerCoord(e).x;
if (hitX > 0 && hitX < 45) {