Button Custom Select for ionic 2


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How to create a select button /button dropdown

As explained in Ionic docs (Just made a dynamic select for Ionic 2 today), and taking from your screenshots.

You should have something like that in horsepage.html :

    <ion-label>Select horse & trainer</ion-label>
    <ion-select >
          <ion-option *ngFor="let horse of horses | async" value="{{horse.name}} {{horse.trainer}}">{{horse.name}} {{horse.trainer}}</ion-option>

And like that in horsepage.ts

this.horses = YOUR_DATA_SOURCE;

If you have no data source, you can write it directly in horsepage.html

        <ion-label>Horse & Trainer</ion-label>
          <ion-option>1 & 1</ion-option>
          <ion-option>2 & 2</ion-option>
          <ion-option>3 & 3</ion-option>
          <ion-option>4 & 4</ion-option>

Now as you have tons of select on the same page, it will require a rather complex navigation system. You should think about modals, and various popups to “lighten” it a bit and decrease the number of clicks to the desired information.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Not sorry, not like that

I need a dropdown button as an image id