Built with Ionic! Steem Mobile, a mobile app for the blockchain social media revolution

Over the last while I have been teaching myself Ionic and Angular 2 after being introduced to it in college.
My favorite feature of the platform is the shared codebase which makes developing alot more accessible!

My most recent creation is a mobile app for the website steemit. Steemit is a blockchain powered social media site similar in look to Reddit which allows you to receive payment for your posts. Each post and comment has a corresponding payout which increases when people upvote your content.
My app provides a gateway to the steemit service on mobile devices and allows you to monitor the performance of the steemit currency.

The project and code is open source and created with Ionic 2 and I fully approve of anyone who wants to fork it and create a similar app such as a reddit client or similar. The app uses restful apis which can be changed.

I made a post about it on Steemit which can be found here and I think this would be a good opportunity to promote the Ionic Framework to a very technical minded audience.
If you want to make an account and leave a comment, youll receive 7$ in steem just for signing up!

Alternatively, if you would prefer just to have a look at the code, my github repo can be found here.