Building the native projects

Hello, my boss wants the ios and android project to be built from 0 every time it’s pulled arguing everything what is “built” should be buildable from scratch, which i think it’s understandable if we look at web projects, but having spent 4 months with this project and knowing how many things have been changed and added, and conversly not knowing almost any specificaly to replicate just like that. It just can not be a automatized or would be a complete separate project. SO my question is what is the defacto normal and standard, should be android/ ios project be built once and then pushed/pulled reused or you should do the tedious work of implementing every dependency, editing manifest, mainactivity, icons/splash screen etc. every time you want to build the app on a new device?

Yes, built once then do whatever.


who does this?? :rofl:

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Thanks for the replies. If anybody has a more well defined answer would be much appreciated, i’m a junior dev still lacking both soft and hard skills to explain just like this.

The thing sparking this was that while I was using android studio, it auto injected some build.gradle variables, notably signingConfigs keys for android with my local path. And fear is that there may some more like this.

Are you using Cordova or Capacitor?
In Cordova everything should be able to buildable from scratch. Icons/splash are configured from the config.xml file and other changes on the project files can be accomplished with edit-tag/config-file tags in the config.xml, or if it’s very complex, using hooks.

If you are using Capacitor, then it’s recommended to commit the changes in the native projects instead of rebuilding from scratch, but if you want, you can still do it and use node scripts or tools like trapeze to help you reconfigure the native project.

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It’s a capacitor project, trapeze looks nice thanks. We decided on commiting the native projects. Thanks all.

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