Build in "prod" mode: Cannot find module "."

Same since months and months…
Does that means that for having --prod we must downgrade to @angular6 because after typescript 2.8 is no more supported?!?

I’d commented on this thread earlier that using TypeScript 2.8.x solves this prod build issue.
While I was able to fix my code that was using some TypeScript 3.x features, I am now facing some package dependencies which have type files (.d.ts) which do not compile unless I am using TypeScript 3.x! So I (and others) may be in a bind.

So, what is the official word? Will Ionic 3 apps never be able to use TypeScript 3? Does this count as a “major bug” with regard to official support for Ionic 3? (Ionic website states that major bugs will still be fixed in Ionic 3)

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