Build failing on El Captain

Was able to build a project fine until update to El Captain, now all is lost.

Any suggestions?

Here is the error I am receiving in Xcode

51 0x0000000110245560 -[IBDocumentAutolayoutManager doNotSynchronouslyComputeAutolayoutStatusWhilePerformingBlock:] (in IDEInterfaceBuilderKit)
52 0x00000001101e7111 __39-[IBDocument readFromURL:ofType:error
Command /Applications/ failed with exit code 255

Any suggestions?

You mean OSX “El Capitan” I presume … :wink:

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Any suggestions on what I could do to fix this error?

Try removing the platform, re-adding the iOS platform, and then building from Xcode.

Make sure you’re on the latest beta of Xcode 7 and El Capitan. The last betas of Xcode broke and 6.4 doesn’t always work with this beta of El Capitan. Been a little more rough than usual

You were correct in the fact that I needed Xcode 7. Build succeeded.

However, I am now facing a “white screen of death issue”. Any troubleshooting places to start? I know this is usually caused by a javascript error.

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Just look at the logs in Xcode, it will show you an error. Post the logs here if you need any help with that. It’s usually a plugin that gets messed up. You could also try removing the platform, re making it, and then running it and see what happens

Figured it out, there a problem with iOS security blocking straight HTTP text requests. Used


to fix issue.

New issue, however, I cannot submit to App Store with builds from Xcode-beta. Any idea if I can archive with Xcode 6 on El Capitan?

Haha I just ran into these problems last week. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

So yeah, you’ve gotta use that transport key thing. I wrote a brief topic on it iOS9 Beta 4 ATS

But yes you can. How I am achieving this is opening Xcode 7 beta, compiling my app/running it. Then you can open the regular Xcode, make sure your device is select and then archive and upload.

It’s a process, but it works. As long as you’re not using any iOS 9 specific code you should be good, which there really isn’t anything out there right now except the deep linking stuff and I don’t think Cordova has a plugin for it yet haha.

Thanks for the replies.

Opened it back up in Xcode 6.4, and it will not archive because it will not build… Keeps failing with

Command /Applications/ failed with exit code 255

Hmm there should be more logs or warnings. Can you screen shot that?

Here it is


and also

Let me know if you need anything else.


Thanks for the info. Saved me a lot of time. Can I make the ATS adjustment (info.plist change) in Xcode 6.4 and submit for review and all should work in iOS 9?

I think the ATS stuff gets compiled in. So as far as I know: Just make sure that whatever build you compile with Xcode 7 (when it’s released) has that turned of OR you fix your ATS problems since that’s what Apple is ultimately wanting