BUild Error in ionic build android

I get error while building the android app for my ionic app.
Everything was working file till 12th feb 5 pm but now its showing this error!!! Please Help

i have this in line number 23 to 26
repositories {

Please help its urgent

Can you create a new blank project and do a build and see if it has any errors.

This error is even in the blank project . I just tried but same error

Please help what happened i dont know

Something is wrong with your gradle. Have you updated your Android SDK. Open Android Studio, and create a new project and compile it and see what errors or update notifications you get. Your gradle might not be updated

Can you share your gradle file.

build.gradle??? file or what. Actually I am i bit confused

yes, build.gradle and settings.gradle of your current project

I don;t see any major difference with mine. I guess opening a project in android studio might help.
It will prompt for any updates you need to do.
I still don’t know why you are getting this.
I guess uninstall and reinstalling android sdk would be the last option.

the build was working good but dont know what really happened

Can u help me with slide box auto slide???i want to auto slide the banner in homepage of app.

i solved the problem deleting the gradle and again it downloaded new gradle

oh nice.How did you delete the gradle?

Users >> USERNAME>> .gradle folder>> Wrapper >> and deeting the version of gradle and again while building the app it downloads a fresh one

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Thanks it really helped

Good to know that @luckychel