Build Antroid app with linux 2023.04 and Linux 2023.06 failed because it Could not resolve all artifacts for configuration 'classpath'

Could not resolve all artifacts for configuration ‘classpath’.

Could not find com.g00fy2:versioncompare:1.3.4.
Searched in the following locations:

Doesn’t look like a appflow bug, but a problem in your app.
Some plugin has a dependency to com.g00fy2:versioncompare:1.3.4, and searching for it on jcenter, but it’s not there.
You should see if the plugin allows to use version 1.5.0, which is available in maven central.

I was wrong, com.g00fy2:versioncompare is not available in maven central, it was renamed to io.github.g00fy2:versioncompare, so you should update the plugin to use that dependency instead.
A few other changes will be needed too

Looks like the dependency is in Cordova itself, so you should update your cordova-android version to 10.0.0 or newer (12.0.0 is recommended if you want to target SDK 33, which will be mandatory staring in August)

I updated cordova-android version to 10.0.0, but /builds/mikedai8/PCardReceiptUpload/platforms/android/app/src/main/java/org/apache/cordova/filetransfer/ error: cannot find symbol

import org.apache.cordova.Whitelist;
symbol: class Whitelist
location: package org.apache.cordova

This was a problem with jcenter servers redirecting to mavenCentral, even if the dependency didn’t exist in mavenCentral.
It’s supposedly fixed by now, so you can go back to your old version, despite I wouldn’t recommend it.

Your problem now is that whitelist plugin was deprecated and integrated into cordova-android and renamed to AllowList, so your filetransfer plugin is not finding those classes because they are not there anymore. The plugin was updated to use AllowList, but was never released.
You can install the plugin like cordova plugin add or npm install if using Capacitor

Great. Thank you so much Julio. That’s what I want.