Bug with Ionic overflow-scroll on Kitkat devices

We are using Ionic to build our mobile app and we have found that using overflow-scroll with sidemenu does not work properly on Android 4.4 (Kitkat) devices. Specifically, you cannot drag right to expose the sidemenu. Everything else seem to work fine.

We are using v1.0.0-beta.13-nightly-667 version of ionic.

I have found the following information which might be useful to the Ionic team:

Inside the directive ionSideMenuContent, the following method always returns y.


If you call that method consecutively, then it returns x correctly.

This is fine for any other android device because the _handleDrag method in $ionicSideMenus is called as well. For whatever reason, that method is only called ocassionally on Android 4.4 devices. Most of the time, dragging to right will result in nothing happening.

We have modified the getPrimaryScrollAxis(e) to return x as primary scroll axis of the geture type is dragright.

  if(!!gestureEvt.type &&  gestureEvt.type === 'dragright') {
    return 'x';
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Maybe associated with:

Get the same effect on android 4.4.4 also if no scrolling is activated (scroll=“false”).