Bug? Unwanted delay in updating ng-repeat a populated with ion-radio

So I’ve tried different methods to make this work and every single on of them is giving me the same issue.

Here is the pen http://codepen.io/wtz/full/pkJtC/

As you can see when you click on an item in the first box, there is a “stacking effect” and a delay on a refresh in the second box. The issue is not apparent when radio-box is drawn through “<input type=“radio”…”.

Is this an “ion-radio” related bug or there is an issue with my implementation?

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OK So I managed to solve the issue by not using ion-radio. Simple <input type="radio" solved the problem.

That is hardly a solution.

<ion-radio ng-repeat="foo in foobars" ng-model="answer" value="{{foo.value}}">

That should work.
The issue seems that it is using the styling for the radio button group.

<div class='list'>
   <label class="item item-input">
     <input type="text" placeholder="First Name">

Which has a delay on redraw.
I will look into the source to see if something can be done.

Here is a proper solution:

It’s a ngAnimate issue.

<div class='fade-in-not-out'>
    <ion-radio ng-repeat="foo in foobars" ng-model="..." value="...">

Im having the same issue and its driving me mad.