Bug: ScrollTop within tabs


I’m having trouble with scrollTop and tabs in Ionic. When you click on header (to scroll on top of the view), il you have some tabs, all tabs view scroll to top, and not only the active view.
Moreover, in my case, this scrollTop (clicking on header) recalculate collection-repeat width with parameters of active view (even if it’s not the active view).

I don’t know if I’m really clear so, here is my app. I have (mainly) 3 tabs with a list on each :

If I scroll a little bit on each, and decide to scroll to in one view (clicking on header), all the view are scrolling to top :frowning:

An other thing, if I choose to scrollTop on ‘Sessions’ or ‘Programme’ view, the ‘Participants’ view is scrolling top but as this list uses collection-repeat, it also recalculate its dimentions and as the active view has 3 elements on top, it ends looking like this :

Not really cool… Clicking on the header on this view correctly recalculate this collection-repeat (comes back to normal). This happen even if I fix the width using item-width="100%".

I didn’t know much on Ionic internals and how collection-repeat interracts with scroll. If anybody has a workaround, it would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

Did you find a fix for this?


No, I don’t have any hint on how to solve this :frowning:
My app doesn’t use this UI.