Bug: Cannot alter "about me" in profile preferences

I was trying to update my profile information and “about me” gives an alert with the text “an error has occured”.

(Title of alert is in dutch, saying “The page on forum.ionicframework.com reports the following:”, which is default browser behaviour.)

Console output:

The network tabs for the given XHR request reports the following form data:


I tried to submit a larger bit of text, and thought it was about the length of my text. Was suprised I got no user friendly message about it, so just decided to try something shorter (e.g. “test”).

Hope this will be fixed, really want to update my profile :wink:

Same bug here; saving my profile only succeeds when I leave the ‘About me’ empty.

Problem is still there.

Ok, the problem should now be fixed. It seems that one of the discourse migrations didn’t go through. Thanks for your patience.

Tested and determined it works indeed :slight_smile: Thanks!

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