Browser location not in sync with current app page

Hi everyone!

I’m facing the following issue:

My webapp navigates to an external url by setting window.location.href in order to display a payment gateway page, which then later redirects back to my webapp via a callback url.

The thing is that when this external page redirects back to my webapp, let’s say to host/#/pageback, then when navigating pages via nav.setRoot(), nav.push() or other methods, the browser location won’t change anymore. The webapp navigates correctly to the page but the route in the browser will not change anymore, it keeps displaying the callback url set by the external page, in this case host/#/pageback instead of displaying the correct url of the current page being displayed, i.e. host/#/page2 etc…

It looks like the browser location is not linked anymore with the webapp page navigation.

Can anyone give me a hint on this?