Browse & Bookmark External URLs within View

Hi there,

I’ve recently started learning and building a hybrid app with ionic/angular/cordova. I am stuck on a problem which I cannot seem to find a solution for.

Inside an ionic view, I would like to access an external URL and navigate through - I know this is possible using iframe or the inappbrowser plugin. However, I would like to also be able to “bookmark” pages and save them.
I wanted to use iframe since I could display the url within the ion-view but I was unable to obtain the current iframe URL in order to bookmark it.

Side note: The html content that I’d like to display using iframe/inappbrowser will be stored on a web-server, which I will have control over.

Thank you for your time!

Having the same problem, too. I’m also looking for a solution that displaying the browser content while remaining some control of the app.