Blog Post: "Ionic: 2017-18 Roadmap"

Relevant for all here I guess:


I knew about and had read about most content already, but this positively surprised me:

Cordova Plugin Initiative
We are hiring to build out a Cordova Plugin support initiative. […] We want to throw more of our resources behind helping these plugins improve, as well as offering businesses some premium plugins we’ve built ourselves, and support for those plugins.

I opened a Github issue with driftyco about the lack of support for admob plugins. I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s expressed concerns like this. The Cordova ecosystem feels haphazard – very intelligent people doing great work, but no guarantee that there will be stable, future updates. So plugins we can trust seems essential for Ionic, and I’m really glad they are moving in this direction.


It is very much the Wild West. Whoever gets some control over it first will be very, very successful. Good plan on Ionic’s part.