Blank screen appiaring in android device when using intersecpter

The app is working fine when I try to run by ionic serve command but when i deploy the app in actual device blank screen appears.

code of intersecpter:

angular.module(‘DemoApp’).factory(‘sessionInjector’, function () {
var sessionInjector = {
request: function (config) {
config.requestTimestamp = new Date().getTime();
return config;
response: function (response) {
response.config.responseTimestamp = new Date().getTime();
return response;

return sessionInjector;


I wasted my whole day figuring out the solution but still not able to resolve.

Don’t you see any error in console?

I have tested it in chrome there is no error in console. When I try to run the same code in device the blank screen appears. If I comment the intersecpter line from config file then the application load properly in actual device.

Let me clarify: I did not ask you about the console when you run your app in Chrome.
I asked you about the console when you were remote debugging your app on device.