Blank screen after ionic upload


I just set a first ionic app, based on ionic tutorial, and in my local browser everything works fine the conference list and details appear just right.

After copy manually to a sansung note smartphone or uploading using ionic view the conference list just shows a blank screen.

I just type ionic build android and after that ionic upload

is there any extra step to see the app on a smartphone ?

Thank´s in advance

Which tutorial are you talking about? And did you make any modifications to it?

It seems to be an error code, or maybe, an incompatibility issue.

Try to view the device output log for more information, you can do this by:

adb logcat

Once you have found the issues, if you cant solve iy or you have any doubts, it will be nice to see some of the phone’s output.

Hope this helps you!

I follow the Ionic Framework Tutorial tutorial. On my PC it works fine, after uploading to the smartphone i just can not see the conference list wich came from a webservice.

What happens is that the conference list in my pc came from the url localhost:5000/sessions and in the device it doesnot show the conference list .