Blank application doesn't work [Ionic 4 beta + Android 4.4.2]

I am a beginner and I have a problem with application written in Ionic 4 beta on Android 4.4.2.
I created a Blank app:

ionic start app blank

and I wanted to run in on Android 4.4.2

ionic cordova build android

But the application doesn’t start on device. Only the splashscreen is visible, but after that the whole screen is white and some errors from zone.js are thrown.

This is a grey Area, but from what I understood of it so far:

  • Ionic 4 was intended to only run Android 5 and higher
  • Since an dependency change / upgrade in cordova-webview, Ionic 4 can as is only run android 8.1 and higher.

But that is my understanding of what is currently going on, and therefore I’m not sure of it.