Does Ionic plan to provide support for Blackberry devices?

Since blackberry 10 is based off of webkit, you can say we indirectly support it, but it’s not a primary concern of ours. Blackberry’s market share is less than 4% I believe, so it’s really worth it to go all out.

please is there a chance i can get push notification for all OS including blackberry10??? I already have all the necessary credentials and here in Nigeria, its majorly Android, BB10 before ios and wndows phone and thats due to data

You should bring it up on the push plugin page

Since they’re the ones who actually make push notification possible at the native layer.

thanks for the swift response!! and please i have not been able to use any plugin in my ionic 2 app. like they all use device reasy and vanilla javascript but i have been unable to get that right in my app. any help will be appreciated.
Again, Thnks