Blackberry: Cant enter device password

i am trying to deploy my first Blackberry (z10) app. But in the run prozess i cant type the device password.

C:\AndroidWorkspace\ionicBlack>ionic run blackberry10 add to body class: platform-blackberry10 Running command: C:\AndroidWorkspace\ionicBlack\platforms\blackberry10\cordova\r un.bat Please enter your device password: _

CRTL+C to abort the prozess still works.

My ionic version:
ionic lib == 1.0.0-beta.13

Does anyone has an idea to solve this problem?


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have you tried to press enter ?
At the beginning it is empty password. Then you can change it in the BB software.

Hi rafaellop,

yes I press enter so many times without the password :wink:
I enter the password and press return but nothing happens.

My current work around is “ionic build ionicBlack blackberry10”. After that I use the Google Crome Plugin to transfer the .bar-file to the z10.


Try using cordova instead of ionic in your command.

cordova run blackberry10