Black borders on is


After upgrading to iOS 9.1 I get these borders. Someone is suggesting I need to create new splahscreens - which I did using ionic. Still the same problem, Anyone experiencing the same?

I’m using the com.telerik.plugins.wkwebview to overcome other ionic ios9 problems.


I’m really stucked here. Anyone?


why did you use wkwebview? what sort of problems did you have on ios9? did you have same problems without it?


I used WKWebview because I had problems with a href location bug and infdigest cycles. I removed WKWebview yesterday and installed the latest ionic (1.1.1). And it seem to have resolved those issues. So the app doesn’t depend on WKWebview anymore. I still have the black border issue, though?


Can you share your html. Maybe you have has-tabs and has-header classes?


ios9 issues are fixed using latest Angular version or using this patch


Seems like this is on a lower level since the iOS status bar (battery life, 3G) is also moved? The html structure haven’t changed since a long time, where it used to work.


I don’t know what is it, but I am certainly not getting this issue and I tested my app on different ios devices. Could you try removing and re-adding ios platform?

Black space ontop and bottom op on iphone

Oh YES … that did the trick … and you saved my day (week) :slight_smile: Thanks!