Big Issue with Ui-Route


I have build an app using Cordova 6.2.0 and ionic 1.3.2
After I use the keyboard for any reason (filling a form for example), whenever I’m trying to navigate to a new page, either using ng-href, $location.path or $state.go I’m getting to a blank white screen.
The only way to see the screen again is to rotate the screen to landscape and back to portrait.
I have tried disabling the landscape view, but I’m left with the same blank screen without the option to do anything.
Just to be clear, if I don’t fill out any form I can navigate fine. Until the first time I’m using the keyboard, and then everything goes to hell.
Tried googling about it for days and no luck.
Did anyone ever experience this behavior?
Can anybody help me?


Try updating your cordova(currently 6.5.0) and ionic(2.2.1)