Beta Testers


Would anyone like to beta test my app “Strumly”? Its the first app that I’ve designed and coded its entirety, and ionic has helped immensely.

Apple approved my TestFlight for distribution so I would just need an email address to send and invite.


Hey Dhanai,

I will happily test your app if needed :smile:

Looks awesome by the way



Hey @oriongunning send me an email to with the email address that you’d like me to send an invite to.


What libraries are you using for the geolocation features?


@keithdmoore I’m just using ngCordova and Parse as my backend to query results.


I see. So you are using $cordovaGeolocation to get the device’s current lat and long and passing that to the backend and then you have your own algorithm to search the database to see what is near that location. Is that right ? I guess you do a little trigonometry for that?


@keithdmoore actually, yes and no. I am using $cordovaGeolocation, but Parse has their own functions to query geo points, which I am using.


Thanks for sending me an invite Dhanai… Unfortunately, I don’t own a Apple device :frowning:


I’d love to check it out – :slight_smile:


@sawchuk invite sent!


Soft Launch