Beta Released! v1.0.0-beta.1 is out

Congrats on the release guys!!

No word on fixing the missing lib dir on Windows?

@jough I’m not able to get this problem, can you post an example?

@monkrocker Could you try installing bower (npm install -g bower) and run bower install and lemme know what happens? Additionally, what files are in the root of your app?

@andy Same problem here. Running bower install complains about no git in path. Running from git-bash solves the problem for me.

I get the same complaint from bower - no git in path. I dunno what git-bash is. I tried npm install -g git but bower still complains even tho git seems to be installed successfully.

my app root folder looks like:



in www:

For those already using the Ionic Yeoman generator, or interested in taking it for a spin to get up and running with the beta, I’ve just added support for the three Ionic starter templates + the seed app.

Happy hacking!

@monkrocker Git can be downloaded from

Once installed you can open a Git Bash terminal by right clicking in your project folder and selecting Git Bash - then if you run bower install it will find git (likewise new projects created with ionic start myApp). Alternatively you can add the git binary to your PATH and run everything from cmd

Installed git. Tried running bower install from my project directory in both a regular command prompt and git_bash. Same result both times:

bower not-cached    git://
bower resolve       git://
bower ECMDERR       Failed to execute "git ls-remote --tags --heads git://", exit code of #128

Additional error details:
fatal: unable to connect to[0:]: errno=No such file or directory

I can browse to and browse to the ionic page on github. Ideas?

Hi @monkrocker,

OK - we moved off of bower for the ionic starter project because we found out many of our starting users are Windows users without Git installed, you included.

We figure if people want Bower support they can use the yeoman generator or do it themselves.

So try this again, please! npm install -g ionic ionic start myApp

Sorry for all the trouble :slight_smile:

That works! Thanks for all the help.

Also: is there a way to choose which seed project to use when starting a new project?

it defaults to Tabs, and I am using Side-Menus.

Not a big deal, just curious. Thanks again.

Wow this generator is getting better and better, it should become the official ionic gen :smiley:.
I’m using a custom grunt+bower+ionic seed project I’ve built a few weeks ago, but I’ve decided next week I will migrate to this gen.
The thing I like most is the way you handled the build process, one of the features that lacked my own project.
Keep the good work!!

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Is there a release roadmap?

Some issues are targeted for version 1.1. When is this version planned to be released?



Thanks for the support, and good luck with your project :smile:

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Hi @whomike,

1.1 means probably in a few months. Our first goal is to the current feature set stable for 1.0. We are already working on some of the 1.1 features (eg virtual scroll), but we are not sure how soon they will land

Hi andy!

Any updates on the keyboard issue (it’s pushing the whole app up in ios 7.1 but worked just fine in ios 7.0)? Honestly it’s a “game breaker” for me.

@pink_tshirt The status is actively working on it. It should only be a couple more days, hopefully.

We’re writing a cordova plugin to give us accurate information about the keyboard, so we can scroll correctly.


Hi @andy !

I would like to know if you have news about the above issue

Hi @marcel,

We are working on keyboard problems right now and we are almost done.

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