Beta.6 to rc2 scope problem

Described here:

When $scope changed behavior in gap between beta.6 and rc.2?

Can you put this in a codepen?

It’s part of big project. Will do it, when will find a minute.

Ok. It was probably caused by the upgrade to Angular 1.3: AngularJS

I’m not sure what your user object looks like but this could be the issue (from the link above):

due to bdfc9c02, values ‘f’, ‘0’, ‘false’, ‘no’, ‘n’, ‘’ are no longer treated as falsy. Only JavaScript falsy values are now treated as falsy by the expression parser; there are six of them: false, null, undefined, NaN, 0 and “”.

Catch is that it skips first case and works ok on second case. Both cases placed on one page, in one controller. I tried to replace user object with simple true / false values - ng-if don’t change behaviour.