Beta.14 <ion-nav-view> renders `<script type="text/ng-template">` as blank element with absolute dimensions

Just a heads up.

I was using $stateProvider to dynamically load templates from .html files in Beta.13 and it worked fine. But with Beta.14 <script type="text/ng-template"> was being rendered as a blank page, obscuring the rest of my app. It took me awhile to realize this.

The quick fix is to just add style='display:none' to the <ion-nav-view>

    .state('app', {
      url: "/app",
      # name: 'app',
      abstract: true,
          templateUrl: "views/menu.html",
          controller: 'AppCtrl'
           templateUrl: "views/template/app-partials.html"

the html looks like this:

<!-- index.html !>
    <ion-nav-view name="appContent"></ion-nav-view>
    <ion-nav-view class='hide' name="appPartials"></ion-nav-view>

<!-- app-partials.html !>
<script id="[id]" type="text/ng-template">