Beta 10 Navbar/Content not rendering correctly after http call


A little background: I’ve created a typical Contacts application. Contacts can be saved to a SQLite DB locally at the user’s discretion. When a user searches a name, it will check the local DB and render that Contact view if found, otherwise it will go out to a SQL server database via http, and pull down the data. Since the .10 update, non-local Contact views seem to be rendered with scroll disabled, and fully scrolled down. This essentially chops off the data at the top, under the nav bar. Locally obtained data (sqlite) doesn’t exhibit this.

All the navbars have been embedded in header tags, and *navbar has been removed, as instructed.

This was all working perfectly up until this latest release. It seems the ion-content view doesn’t want to wait for the http promise to resolve before locking in the view size.

Maybe a bug?

UPDATE (more info): Changing the Contact view initialization from onPageWillEnter() to onPageDidEnter() breaks the view for stored contacts as well. So, it does seem that ion-content wants to lock down the page size before the http promise returns its data.

Please share some code or possible try to recreate this issue in a small app and push that to github.
We cannot help without seeing some code to know what you’re are doing.

I was about to distill the app to the essential code for posting when I realized what I had done. I, for some inexplicable reason, put an *ngIf condition on the ion-content tag. Putting the *ngIf elsewhere fixed the issue. Stupid oversight.

Thanks for the prompt response!

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