Best way to get images from the database

Hello. I have only a short time learning Ionic with the internet. I’ve been trying to find a solution for 3 days but I have no idea, I think I’ve seen all possible links, but I do not understand it yet. I have a list of products, I get all the information from these products from the database, I add all of them in SQLite Studio, however I am stuck in the images. I added it through SQLite Studio but I get it in the HEX code application. Since I do not know if this is the correct way to get the images, I’ve seen that maybe I’d better add the path to the images and save them in my directory, but I could not do that. I just wanted someone to guide me in how I should get these pictures, the best way, and if you have any links / tutorials that can help me, I’ll be very grateful. Sorry for english.