Best way to do this conversion from jQuery Mobile?

I’ve a PhoneGap app I built in jQM that I’d like to convert to Ionic.

I’m just wondering what the best way to do this structurally is.

The current app works like this - it has a side menu and two tabs a the bottom of the app. Each tab takes you to a menu page, lets call them Menu A and Menu B. In the Menu A tab there is a list of guides. You touch to go to a guide.

This is no problem with Ionic and easily done (in about an hour I’d have it up and running and looking great).


Once in a guide (lets call it Guide 1) the app works like this. Guide 1 has many subsections and you navigate to them based on the conditions met in another part. So in Guide 1, Part 1 you have options A and B. Option A takes you to Guide 1, Part 1A, Option B takes you to Guide 1, Part 1A. And so on. You are following work-flow algorithms.

In jQM this is really easy to do. You navigate to different pages that you’ve defined.

How do I do this in Ionic? I could create a template for every single section but I don’t think this is the best way to do it, is it? It feels like a whole load of files and code to do what currently works on one (admittedly large) html page.

Any ideas?

No one? I know this is a simple conceptual failure on my part but I just need a pointer… :grin: