Best Practices: Files to put on a Repository

sorry for the silly question but I would like to know which files we have to put on a shared repository to permit to other coworkers to build the project.
I don’t want to put the plugins, platforms, and so on…
Thank you so much

What kind of repository?

Ionic is already preconfigured fog GitHub. You will only commit necessary files.

Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately on my company’s svn

You can always check it on your own.

Create some dummy Ionic project or look at your own. Open project folder and look at .gitignore content. That’s the stuff you don’t need to commit.

Thank you for your help.

Sorry to revive this topic, but I just had this same doubt today, at seemed appropriate to keep all the info in the same topic. So, I give access to a coworker and he pulls the repo. What should he does next? npm install, to download and install all project’s dependencies?

Yes, that’s exactly what I would recommend. One minor thing that has likely changed if the project in question is as old as this thread: the presence of package-lock.json. It should be added to version control if it isn’t there already.

Thanks. In my case, the project was created with the latest version of Ionic, so I shouldn’t have any problems, right ?

It should be seamless, presuming you haven’t futzed around with .gitignore too destructively.