Best Practice - Release Cycle

Is it my imagination, or new versions of angular, ionic, typescript, and cli’s for each are just changing at a rapid pace?

I’m thinking of pushing out an web app statically hosted on aws s3 - but now I’m wary about supporting the app.

Is there a release cycle for Ionic? Does it match Angular’s 6 month suggested cycle? When I’m developing personally, I make it a practice to npm i -g ionic@latest, and if something breaks, its my quick way to tell. But as my project gets larger, this seems like the nightmare approach.

Should I freeze my versions to whatever I started working with? But that makes me sad thinking I won’t be able to get the latest cool things coming out of Ionic.

Btw - great Job Ionic Team - both with these forums, cloud solutions, and overall platform/framework. I freaking love it.