Best practice: inAppBrowser VS Normal Browser

Hello everybody,
I am not sure about what should be a better user experience of using inAppBrowser instead a normal browser.
I think there’s no one way and it depends about the link we are talking about.
Does inAppBrowser limit the user in some way?
My thinking is that an app is not like a website, where a link could represent a way to let the user leave your website. This is why I have doubts about using inAppBrowser. Which vantages do we have?

A link to a user facebook personal page? -> probably it would be better to let Facebook app open it…
A lilnk to a web page? -> …??

thanks in advanced for your opinion

I chose inApp browser because I did not want to have the URL bar.

If you send the user somewhere, where he wants to maybe stay after using your app - like some nice external article he wants to read later on the bus - the normal external browser is much better.

If you only send him to a website he needs to use in your app - like a oauth flow, register flow or forget password - use inAppBrowser.