Best practice approach for mobile and web apps with Ionic


Hello guys,

Apologies for restating a question that I can see that the forum is already littered with, but I am yet to find the current best practice for developing a complete hybrid application solution for desktop and mobile using Ionic.

I am planning on using Firebase as a persistent data store, and Angular.JS. And unless there is a better way, I am going to build a desktop UI with Bootstrap (or maybe Foundation) and a mobile UI with Ionic.

I would like to run the whole lot from a single code base, so for example:

  • If a user browses to the site on a desktop size, they are shown the desktop UI
  • If a user browses to the site on a mobile device (or screen size) they are shown the Ionic UI
  • I can then easily wrap the entire app with Cordova for app store / google play deployment

I understand that there is a myriad of ways in which this can be achieved using media queries, but I was wondering if anybody had a decent process for this before I start hacking!