Best approach for left tab navigation?


I just came from Sencha Touch to Ionic and building my first app.
I need a vertical navigation on the left side (or tabbar).

As far as I know there is not build-in component for that in ionic, so I need a custom view.
I though about to make columns with the grid with one small column on the left side.
In this column I could place some customized buttons to fake an left tab navigation.

Or does anyone know a better way?

I got it working with the side-menu.
On tablet the navigation is a bit smaller (width), it´s always open and there is no burger icon.
On phone the the side-nav behaves normally.

Code to have the side menu open on tablet:

<ion-side-menu side="left" expose-aside-when="large" width="170">

and to hide the burger icon on tablets:

//tablet View
@media only screen and (min-width:768px){
  //hide burger icon
  .buttons.buttons-left.header-item button.ion-navicon {
    display: none;
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