Benefits of using Ionic over Meteor for Mobile app development


I created two apps using Ionic framework. Recently I came across meteor framework which provides more easier way in developing builds for mobile devices(especially dealing with cordova plugins). I integrated Paypal using cordova plugin and it was much tedious task in ionic than I thought (FYI- I was using ubuntu 14.04). I am trying to build another app(mainly CRUD operations) so in our internal meet we have two different approach to follow, one is Ionic way and rest others are insisting to shift towards Meteor(bcoz sooner or later we need some cordova plugins to integrate in our web app).

So, what are the other benefits of using Ionic over meteor as I enjoyed basic development with Ionic, but little resistant when it comes to cordova plugins integration in Ionic.

Please share your thought.


Resistance in what way?

I have used several mobile hybrid frameworks over last few years, and Ionic is not different than any of them (even if we include bloody jQuery Mobile). Also, I don’t find Meteor any better in using Cordova plugins then Ionic.

Though, I need to commend Meteor. It’s is the only framework (including Ionic) that is still rising. Maybe it’s their agnostic way of ‘cancerous’ spreading over everything (they can easily include anything they want). Have you seen the number of their 3rd party plugins? It’s insane.


@Gajotres Thanks for the answer…so it means its better to switch from Ionic to meteor.