Beginner questions

  1. How to choose correct replacement styles? I tried to copy the css for positive and just give it a new name but it didn’t work (result was the same as before). I’ve done the video tutorial on the subject. BTW the environment is working fine and the cmd is updating each time I make a change to a file.

    /* Empty. Add your own CSS if you like */

    ion-tabs.tabs-color-active-mytest .tab-item
    color: red;

    ion-tabs.tabs-color-active-mytest .tab-item.activated
    { color: red; }

  2. This is not proper HTML but a little like PHP replacements with a preprocessor right? This is more like XML than HTML most of the time.

  3. Why are there dots in the middle of classes sometimes? In this example we have . Does this mean where both classes are present? Is this ordinary CSS or SASS?


Why you don’t use sass?
You could adjuste the colors in ionic/scss/_variables.scss and then you could just rebuild your own customized ionic.css.
You can do that with grunt for example. Take a look at
So you don’t have to overwrite any styles.

dots between two classes means both the classes are applyed at the same element
like .first.second

you can use !important to override the styles
ex: { color: red !important; }

yes, this is ordinary css

OK I was assuming that the way to add styles would be to www\css\style.css but it seems that this is for additional styles. I think I had an error in so had to fix that also.