Beginner info

hi everyone,

i’ve just started to develop with ionic and cordova on android. I think its a very great platform and i want to make some question:

First: is possibile to install multiple version of the same platform? i mean, now i have android 4.1.1 but in the future i wish to upgrade to newer versions and also keep the current version for ensure maintenance to my current app…is there any cordova cli command that allow me to do this? some like cordova platform add android@version (in the same way of npm packages?)

Second: i’ve read breafly about ngCordova is an alternative to ionic or something like a “plus”?

Third (is the lastone) : is there any way to make forms and components adaptable to the current device screen?..i should do this with css?

thanks in advance,



Your app is supposed to work just fine for Android devices versions 4.0 and onward. You don’t need any special settings to target newer Android versions.
Secondly, ngCordova is a project to help Angular (hence Ionic) developers to use well known cordova plugins in the ‘Angular way’, thus providing access to the plugins functionalities with Angular wrappers. It’s not meant to replace Ionic, only to give it a more standardized way of plugin use.

Ionic provide CSS components that should just work on every device screen out there. Take a look on the CSS components page. You will be amazed how the guys making it are serious about platform continuity and performance.

Welcome to this new world =)

:slight_smile: thank you for your quick reply .:slight_smile: its possibile to target older version of android?..i’ve already read that section and i found these components awasome but is there a way to render they more big?..


You can target previous android versions but Ionic team just guarantees success on 4.0 and above. If you want bigger items, like buttons you can just use padding on CSS to tweak them.