Basic Ionic Pop up Example Please

I am having trouble creating a basic Ionic Pop up app. Does anyone have code that is not incomplete? Every example I see, whether it is from CodePen or something else, does not show everything. I am new to this stuff, I can’t guess what is missing. Please, Please supply a very basic Pop Up app that does not have any file names or code missing. Thank you!$ionicPopup/

complete examples.

Thank you for trying to assist. However, if you cut and paste the HTML into an index.html, and cut and paste the JS into controller.js, you will get 3 buttons that do not work.

There are some things done to that script to get it to work, and they are not listed. This is the issue - I don’t know what is missing. One thing that I believe is missing is that the index.html is not referencing any “app.js” or “controller.js”, so the JS code in the example cannot be referenced. In other words, there should be something like this in the html:

If you know what needs to be done that is not listed in the code, please, PLEASE advise. These incomplete examples are driving me ABSOLUTELY nuts!

Thank you!

make a new ionic project using this link then copy paste js and html file and in app.js update routing if your new jss file name is popup.js and controller name is popupCtrl then add
state(‘popup’, {
url: ‘/popup’,
templateUrl: ‘templates/popup.html’,

Hi may be ionic this popup example also help you.

Wow that code worked! Thanks a million! I haven’t gotten the pop-up code you listed working yet, but at least I have a good start with what is listed on github.

That pop-up code example link I found on the codeanyou site was incomplete, because I couldn’t just cut and paste and it would work. But when I do get a pop-up working, I will return to that link if I need to customize it. Thanks.

I am working on a Windows PC, and testing on Android. I see most tutorials and such are done on Macs. Is it possible it doesn’t compile the same way because I am trying to create this App on a Windows PC?