-bash: ionic: command not found

l am currently on el capitan, install all the dependencies for ionic and also ionic itself. But getting -bash: ionic: command not found when l try to create my first app. any ideas how to resolve this pelase?

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Which version of Node? Avoid 5.x

its node v5.0.0. How do l avoid it?

Install the latest LTS release (Long Term Support): 4.2.2

can you help us with a link please


l have done that then reinstall ionic using the instructions here http://ionicframework.com/getting-started/ . still getting ionic is not a command.

El Capitan has introduced rootless feature that break lots of software. Search in this direction. Sorry I can’t help you more, I haven’t upgraded to El Capitan.

I am on El Capitan without any problems. @katawura you need to create or edit if you have it already your .bash_profile file in your user directory sudo nano ~/.bash_profile to add your paths to installed global node packages in there. Google for more info. google around mac bash_profile global node libraries or something along these lines